Samoa Sports Facilities Authority

Promoting Samoa as a Sports and Events Hub of Excellence for the Pacific

Our Vision

T O   B E   T H E   S P O R T S   A N D   E V EN T S   H U B   O F   T H E   P A C I F I C

Our Mission

To ensure the provision of quality facilities – that cater for sports, non-sporting events nationally, regionally, and internationally.

To meet all demands to enhance opportunities to increase the volume of stakeholders and users, participating in sports and non-sporting events.

To promote sports tourism in Samoa

Entity and essence

Our Entity Profile

Established in 2007 by the Samoa Sports Facilities Authority Act 2007 for the specific purpose of controlling, managing, and administering all sporting facilities vested under the Authority.

At the closure of the South Pacific Games in 2007, the Act repealed the Apia Park and Sports Facilities Board Act 1995 and South Pacific Games Authority Act 2007 and set up the new Authority to carry out its functions mentioned above.

The Authority is a Government State Owned Enterprise (SOE), and is classified as a Public Beneficial Body under the Public Bodies (Performance and Accountability) Act 2001.

Our Essence

Creating a welcoming and inclusive work environment for employees and clients.

Providing an atmosphere and an environment that is accessible, accommodating, and inclusive for a wide range of people and a wide range of activities; and ensuring the facilities meet the needs of the people using them.

Implementing the right technology and making the right decisions to shape the workplace and workforce for optimal return on investment.

Maintaining and improvement of all facilities.

Developing responsive processes in coordination with different departments, employees, assets, fixtures, and spaces.

To be innovative and business like in the operation and development of facilities with the capacity to meet both current and future demand.

Working with partners and stakeholders’ sports in a multi-sport hub approach, to ensure we remain sustainable in the medium to long term.

Strength through Teamwork, achieving our common goals through the synergy of our collective strengths.

About SSFA

The Samoa Sports Facilities Authority (SSFA) located at Tuanaimato, Apia Samoa was established and mandated by the SSFA Act 2007 to orchestrate the managing of internationally accredited sports facilities and venues. Its main purpose is to develop and administer the sports facilities and venues that are placed under the Authority’s responsibility.

The Corporate Plan 2023 – 2027 outlines the vision, mission, and the strategic focus of the Authority for the next three years.

The SSFA vision is to be the Sports Hub of the Pacific. The vision aligns with the Pathway for the Development of Samoa FY2021/2022 – FY2025/2026 and unceasing. The Pathway for Development encourages and supports opportunities for target markets such as Sports Tourism, Business Tourism (MICE-Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions) as well as other niche markets to improve and sustain the economic development of Samoa and the welfare of its people.

The Authority’s mission (below) supports the accomplishment of its vision. This is by making sure that the following are consistently implemented:

  • To ensure the provision of quality facilities and venues that caters for sports and non-sport events nationally, regionally, and internationally
  • To enhance opportunities and increase the volume of users of the facilities and venues
  • To promote sports tourism in Samoa

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